Tibetan Massage & Medicine


This most famous external therapy is especially useful in prevention and treating rlung (wind energy) disorders. It is tailored to each patient and disorders.

This 2 hour massage follows three steps:

  1. Oil application, joint movement, hot stone

  2. Massage including different technics : kneading, rubbing, pressing muscles and tendons, acupressure, channels cleaning

  3. Oil removal with a gentle, whole body peeling

This traditional massage has an exceptional long lasting relaxing effect, strengthen your skin  and done regularly, makes you loose weight, give you a stunning figure and vitality.

Moreover it has  rejuvenating and restorative benefits such as elimination of  toxins, increase of vitality, alleviation of pain, and is an efficient way to treat insomnia, depression, anxiety, grief and traumatic experiences...

Traditional Tibetan Medicine
In a nutshell

Traditional Tibetan Medicine (TTM) is a Himalayan healing science, who approaches suffering and disease holistically, whilst being compatible with any other medical traditions, with a fundamental preventive aim. Treatments are built tailored, according the individual typology/constitution, with adjusted diet, lifestyle, a wide range of external therapies and herbal medications. Particularly, the famous Ku Nye Massage is one of the additional external therapies, applied for preventive, curative or symptomatic treatment. An other well-known external therapy is moxibustion (or moxa), used to treat cold natured disorders. It's an effective treatment against rheumatic conditions and a good alleviating agent for different types of pain.    


Sowa Rigpa (Tib. གསོ་བ་རིག་པ་), the ‘Science of Healing’  

The Tibetan Sowa Rigpa means both "Healing Science" and "Nourishment of Awareness". Tibetan medicine offers unique features not found in any other healing tradition or modern medicine. Among these are the remarkable diagnostic methods of pulse reading and urine analysis, a vast materia medica including thousands of plants, minerals, animal products etc. used for medical treatment, and a sophisticated system of external therapies (...)

Tibetan Therapies
  • Acupuncture

  • Moxibustion

  • Herbal medicine

  • Cupping

  • Yuk chö: Stick therapy

  • (...)

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"I went to see Julien by the end of my pregnancy. Julien's broad background in different complementary therapies and his vast experience enabled him to respond to my needs in a very comprehensive way.

Julien's calm, confident and optimistic being and working made me feel safe and more positive myself."

Ivonne I., Glasgow

Very knowledgeable- and very different to any other massage I have had before - very clinical - good tips to carry out at home to follow up - already booked my next appointment- and buying a treatment for my mum!


A. C., Glasgow



Tibetan Massage

60 min:       £70   

120 min:    £120    

Traditional Tibetan Medicine


First consultation (1 hour): £90

  • Case-taking

  • Pulse Diagnostic

  • Physical & mechanical Evaluation

  • Treatment plan

  • 1st treatment

Follow-Up :  30 min  £30

                      60 min: £70