Nutritional Advice

​Food is our first medicine.

It's really important to consider what we eat, how much and when we eat.

This means that we have first to look after the quality of our food, to receive the proper compounds needed. In fact, any industrial food (frozen, tinned, processed food) is poor food. The compounds being biologically dead, it gives a quantity of nutriments to the organism with no real nutritive quality. We need fresh, seasonal (and ideally locally produced) vegetables, fruits, and for some meat or fish, to obtain what is useful for the organism: vitamins, trace elements, etc. 

We also must be aware and careful about the presence of toxics in our food and water: pesticides, heavy metals, hormones…, all of them staying in our body and causing dysfunctions and pathologies.

Secondly, we have to eat the right quantity of varied nutriments to stay in a good health (protein, carbohydrate, fat, etc).

Finally, we have to respect our biological digestive rhythm: the digestive process should not run continuously and its cycle lasts 5 hours. The habit of snacking is one of the first causes of all weight and metabolic disorders.

By respecting these 3 parameters, we guaranty a good digestive process, and according to the modern nutrition as well as to the traditional medicines, like Tibetan medicine, we keep our body in a global balance. Traditional Medicines relate that the  first cause of most diseases is due to an imbalance of the digestive system.

Thus, an adapted diet to our personal condition and lifestyle will be the first answer to restore and maintain our health.


Trained in Western Dietetics as well as in Traditional Tibetan Dietetics, I can advise you the most suitable diet for you, and so enforce all your other current therapies.

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