Manipulative Therapy

Manipulative therapies works on joints, organs, muscles, ligaments, fascias and connective tissues. Fully trained in Osteopathy in France, I use a whole range of technics to bring back joint mobility, relieve muscle tension, enhance blood circulation, digestion, transit, refreshing sleep...

Most importantly, manipulative therapies aim to restore mobility and a global balance, to enhance the body's ability to heal itself and avoid injury. 

I always carry an exhaustive assessment keeping in mind the compensatory patterns. Compensatory patterns allow the body to continue to move after an injury by minimizing the pain, but cause in time further dysfunctions. For example, an ankle sprain changing the posture and the way we walk to avoid pain, can finally cause shoulder pain or a wry neck.

Caring for our mobility is also caring for our mental health and well-being. Reduced mobility directly affects our mood and mental health. It is particularly visible on elderly people for who mental health and primary body functions decline very quickly with any mobility loss. 



30 min session   £40 

60 min session   £70

Online appointment only
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"As Hospital practitioner and  President of the Medical Commission of the Olympic and Sportive Committee in Lyon, I have benefited personally of the care and experience of Julien as an Osteopath,  have recommended him to athletes, young and adults and called upon him as an adviser for various specialised opinions."

Dr F. Chapuis,  Head of clinical research unit of the Medical Information Hub,  Lyon Hospital, France

"Glasgow Global Therapy is excellent been a few times now really good. I would recommend to everyone. Looking forward till my next appointment."

Sharon S. Glasgow