Herbal Medicine

​Herbal medicine, or Phytotherapy, is the use of plants to cure diseases, with herbal teas, tinctures, powders, gemmotherapies, Whole Fresh Plant Suspensions (SIPF), fresh extracts, etc... It is the oldest medicine of the world, and presents fundamental differences with the modern allopathic medicine. First, it will always prefer the use of the vegetal totum, i.e. all the active molecules provided naturally by the plant. It is an essential fact since chemotherapy only uses a single active principle, in most cases produced by chemical synthesis. Secondly, phytotherapy acts to sustain the physiological functions rebalancing the whole organism, instead of trying to suppress sharply the symptoms only, which ignores what causes it.

Phytotherapy has 4 main aims:

  • to alleviate a symptom. It is the most basic way to use plants for their properties only: antispasmodic, antipyretic or diuretic plants.

  • to drain the physiology. It is the stumbling block of the phytotherapy. A large number of pathologies in their original forms results from a metabolic saturation of the body. Drainage is to stimulate organs charged to purify the body (kidneys, liver, skin, lungs, pancreas and intestines) as well as all its fluids (lymph, blood, plasma & interstitial liquid) and connective tissue.

  • to use the restructuration properties of the plants, as the delivery of catalytic elements, like trace elements (essential for the metabolic reactions of our body), vitamins and enzymes (e.g. the bromelain of the pineapple have anti-inflammatory and fibrinolytic properties, used in inflammatory diseases or risk of heart attack).

  • As a field medicine that works on all the regulation mechanisms of the body (autonomic nervous system and neuroendocrine system), maintaining the physiological balance of our body, that is to say our Health.


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I have attended Julien's clinic on a number of occasions. Only the fact that I live in another country stops me from being a regular at his practice.

Julien has been so helpful in relation to my health, he is a very skilled and insightful practitioner but more importantly has a natural gift and this becomes obvious in his ability to read and resonate with the patient on every levels.

As a woman with a difficult history with men it's very important for me to feel safe in any therapeutic setting. With Julien I felt so safe and at ease. His care advice and support has been a gift to me.

I hope I have many more opportunities to work with Julien.

Bernie R. Cork, Ireland