Julien Baron-Meyet

B.SC. Biomathematic, Biochemistry, Botany

Osteopath DO France

Lic. Ac. (License of Acupuncture)

C. Homeopathy (Certificate of Homeopathy)

C. Herbal Medicine (Certificate of Herbal Medicine)

C. Traditional Tibetan Medicine (IATTM-SKI)
Clinical Internship (Qinghai Traditional Tibetan Medicine Hospital, China)


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07534 960 293

Julien first opened his Osteopathy Clinic in Lyon, France in 2004. To face the various needs and conditions of his patients, he promptly understood the benefit of using additional therapies and studied classical homeopathy, Chinese acupuncture, western herbal medicine, and nutrition.

As an osteopath, he followed professional athletes and collaborated with the Olympic Committee, then focused his ongoing professional training in Osteopathy on Pregnancy, Post-partum, and Paediatrics.

Working alongside GPs on trauma, depression, burn-out, age related and long-lasting diseases, ADHD, he explored eastern medicines and followed a complete training in traditional Tibetan medicine for 7 years with Dr Nida Chenagtsang and Dr Machig Sogdzon with some periods of study at the Qinghai Traditional Tibetan Medicine Hospital (Xining, China). Julien now teaches Tibetan pharmacology, paediatrics, and gynaecology at Sorig Khang International.

Finally, his encounter with Prof. Vithoulkas’s work on the continuum of diseases and the levels of health in 2016 brought him the in-depth understanding of pathologies and process of cure he was searching for. Julien achieved Prof. Vithoulkas’s post-graduate course in Classical Homeopathy at the IACH (International Academy of Classical Homeopathy) and joined his team as E-learning moderator.

Julien lives on the countryside. Initially trained as a biologist, he is very much aware of the interdependence of the humans and their environment, of the increasing pollution and its disastrous impact on the planet and on the human health. He is particularly interested in sustainable agriculture and new models of food production that offer nutritious food, the basics of good health, while preserving the environment.

Stephanie Baron-Meyet

DESS Master German Studies

MBA - Business Strategy

Lic. Ac. (License of Acupuncture)

C. Pelvic Floor Therapy

C. Traditional Tibetan External Therapies

Stephanie has a wide professional background. She holds qualifications in therapy, teaching and an MBA in management and strategy. She led the Housing Department of Lyon City Council, built the foundations of a Health & Social Care Partnership and taught children with additional support needs in different countries.

All these experiences enriched her reflections on health, and she started investigating alternative medicines that consider the individual in its entirety, with his specific medical and personal history. She could observe that most conventional treatments do not cure but mostly suppress symptoms, generate side effects, weaken the physiology, and trigger further conditions. Having experienced spine and pelvis injuries, she got herself out of paralysis and uses this precious insight in her daily work.

Together with her husband Julien and his wide medical background, she has developed a highly efficient pelvic floor therapy to support women and men through all their life stages and various conditions (post-partum care, diastasis recti, incontinence, back pain…). With the current Covid-19 crisis, millions of people are lacking care and solution. This therapy is simple, secure, low cost, easily accessible and highly efficient. If you want to help and change the daily life of millions of people and bring their dignity and confidence back, you can support her work here.

Stephanie lives on the countryside and is highly interested in sustainable agriculture, permaculture, and soil regeneration.

Global Therapy
A holistic way to improving your health

Global Therapy is the result of 16 years’ experience of a holistic approach of Health. It recognises each patient as unique, with complex and varied needs.

​There is no such thing as one remedy for an illness: what may be beneficial for one patient would not have the same result with another patient presenting the same complaint. Thus, each treatment plan is individually tailored to gain efficiency and reduce the costs for the patient.

The treatment plan rests upon the outcome of the initial appointment, consisting in history taking, global medical assessment, and first treatment required.