COVID-19: New mobile line 07534 960 293 for
  - Video-call appointments
  - Emergency Homeopathic treatment


Following the lock-down, the treatment rooms are now closed, but we have set up a mobile line for Video-call appointments and Emergency Homeopathic treatment.


Should you get ill, don’t wait the full development of the virus: Homeopathy works since the earliest stage, it alleviates symptoms and avoids complications:


Homeopathy analyses the specific response of one organism to a virus, and thus treats each patient specifically, so the indicated remedy can be given straightaway, whereas Conventional medicine needs time to collect data to understand the new virus pathology.

This is why Homeopathy is used extensively in epidemics around the world.


If you or a family member has flu-like symptoms, don’t hesitate to give us a call.


And strictly follow all governmental guidelines, call 111, as a homeopathic treatment is to be used alongside governmental measures.

If you can spread the word, it will help people get through it and avoid the hospitals getting overcrowded when they are so much needed.


Keep well,

Julien Baron-Meyet

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Available Treatments

A holistic way to improving your health

Let us show you how Global Therapy can help you

Our unique and innovative Clinic offers Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Manipulative Therapy and further complementary therapies.

We tailor treatments to fit your specific needs and condition and combine therapies to offer you quick and durable results at the most competitive price:

30min treatment     £35

60min treatment     £70

The Clinic is run by Julien Baron-Meyet, a French therapist with a sound medical knowledge and 17 years' experience.

Julien has worked in different countries, alongside GPs and Medics. He has developed his own person-centered approach and treats successfully a wide range of ailments.


A second therapy room centered on seniors and women's health has recently opened where his wife Stephanie provides specific treatments.

"I have been attending regularly for 6 months and feel better than I have for years. I have quite a few health problems, Julien's treatments and manipulation massage are a great benefit. Knowledgeable and professional. I highly recommend Glasgow Global Therapy"

M. Mulgrew, Glasgow

"It was a fantastic experience and the knowledge and tips I was given were first class. I went home and felt like a new born woman and slept all night for the first time in 5 years. Thank you Stephanie you did miracles for me and I will definitely be back for other treatments. I would highly recommend this clinic, they were excellent"

Elizabeth M., Glasgow

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